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Maximum Performance Concretes

Maximum Performance Concretes

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Delivery typically 2-3 working days on pallets
*Free Delivery over 40 Bags

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Delivered Directly To You

We are experts in high performance concretes. Ready mixed & ready to use in bags 20kg, 15kg & 10kg offered with FREE DELIVERY. Our goal is to make concrete as easy as possible for you, from delivery to end use so you save valuable time and can finish your projects faster.

We develop and produce our own products in a low-carbon sustainable way and deliver them to end users as quickly as possible. Deliveries are made via our delivery teams and via our logistics partner Palletways throughout the United Kingdom.

Our UK logistics centre is located in Sittingbourne, Kent and our distribution strategy is to deliver directly to the end user on site or home location.

Maxrete® Maximum Performance Concretes.

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About Us

We are a caring & friendly team in the UK office, when you contact us it’s the same people every time.

We deliver to builders, DIY clients, landscapers, resellers & more. We are easily contactable on weekdays while out of normal business hours we are all available by e-mail via contact us below.

Our technical team have over 25 years of experience supplying concrete products, we can also help with any queries you may have using our products.

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