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Maxrete® lightweight insulating concrete mix is designed using natural lightweight clay aggregates, cement and admixtures ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. 

Lightweight insulating concrete mix is used for filling voids, levelling floors or slopes, backfilling around ducts, cables and pipework adding insulating and acoustic benefits to floors and walls perfect for renovation projects in new or older buildings.

This product is four times lighter than any other concrete or traditional screed, while remaining strong and durable. The low density (lightweight) of the concrete limits the deadweight on the structures of existing buildings perfectly suited to renovation in old properties.

Easy to prepare, easy to use and levelling is fast and simple.
It's is a dry mix, based on cement and expanded clay, the product is ready for use after water is added. 

The 40 litre bags and the pallet format simplify transport of your 1m3 concrete per pallet. 

Lightweight General Concrete for Indoor/Outdoor UseYes3N/mm2
Lightweight Insulation ConcreteYes3N/mm2
Lightweight Floor Joist Insulation ConcreteYes
Lightweight Wall Noise Insulation ConcreteYes3N/mm2
Lightweight Pipe or Duct Insulation ConcreteYes3N/mm2
Lightweight Back Fill and Void Filler ConcreteYes3N/mm2
Lightweight Roof Insulation ConcreteYes3N/mm2
Lightweight Sound Barrier ConcreteYes3N/mm2
Top Surface Finish ConcreteNoN/A

Maxrete® lightweight thermal insulating concrete slows heat transfer. The presence of natural expanded clay aggregates slows down the heat transfer due to their microporous structure, clay aggregates are also remarkably effective at absorbing noise. Thanks to the concrete’s open structure (more than 40 % consists of spaces or voids), consequently it dries more quickly than an ordinary concrete or screeds.  Its low water vapour resistance factor (μ) enhances the material’s “breathing” properties. 

Lightweight Strong Material, Fast & Easy to InstallYesYes
Reduces Heat TransferYesYes
Reduces Sound TransferYes
Reduces Floor LoadingYesYes
Reduces Ground Loading
No Need For Expansion Joints
Frost Proof Insulation Concrete
Frost Proof Bedding Layer
Fast Setting, Finish Projects Faster
Strong, High Quality & Durable
No Maintenance After InstallationYesYes
Coveragem2 @ 100mm Deepm2 @ 75mm Deepm2 @ 50mm Deep
1 x Bag 0.04m30.40m20.53m20.80m2
1 x Pallet 1.0m310.00m213.33m220.00m2

Insulating Floor Concrete

Void Filling & Floor Levelling

Lightweight Concrete

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Noise Insulating Concrete

Technical Data Sheet
Order by Full Pallet

25 x Bags = 1 Pallet = 1.0m3

Enough Material for 20m2 @ 50mm

1 Pallet Weighs 625kg  (1.0m3)

Maxrete® lightweight insulating concrete mix is easy to use but we recommend discussing your project with our technical team to get the best results on your project.

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