Maximum Concrete Mix 'Large'

Maxrete Concrete

Double size large bag. 

Ideal for shed bases, slabs, steps, paths, walls, floors, metal deck floors and more.

Twice the amount of B&Q and merchants bags.


Maxrete Concrete

Multipurpose concrete.

Ready to use structural concrete, weighs 1500kg/m3 with compressive strength 25N/mm².

Super strong multipurpose concrete.


Maxrete Concrete

Easier handling.

Maxrete® advanced concrete double bags are bigger. They are easier to transport, carry, mix and install.

They contain twice the amount of any B&Q or merchants bags.



Is a multipurpose concrete made with a blend of cements, additives and lightweight aggregates. The factory blended special formulation has been designed to deliver the maximum amount of concrete you can safely carry in one double 20 litre bag. It’s an ideal professional grade concrete for multiple applications that is 50% lighter than traditional concrete, whilst retaining normal concrete strength and durability 25-30 Nmm2 at 28 days.


The main advantage with this lighter concrete is you can carry twice as much concrete in one 25kg bag, it’s the same 20L volume as two traditional (2x 10L/25kg) DIY store bags weighing 50kg.


This advanced concrete makes you work faster it’s easier to transport, carry, mix and finish thanks to its advanced formulation.


When mixed with water, 1 bag 20 litres or (0.02m3) will produce approximately:

0.80m2 @ 25mm thick

0.40m2 @ 50mm thick

0.26m2 @ 75mm thick

0.20m2 @ 100mm thick


Hybrid plastic packaging weather & rip resistant packing. No more wasting dense plastics.

Pallets can be stored unopened outside for up to 100 days. Recommended in a sheltered low wind situation.

Bags can be stored unopened outside clear of the ground covered on smooth dry surface for up to 2 weeks.