Maximum Post Fix 'Large'

Maxrete Postcrete

Double size large bag.

Ideal for wooden, metal, concrete posts, signs, pergolas, lighting posts & washing lines.

Twice the amount of B&Q and merchants bags.


Sets in 5-10 minutes.

Ready to use post mix concrete, weighs 1200kg/m3 workable in 2 hours (20°C).

Sets faster and stronger than most post mix concretes.


Easier handling.

Maxrete® advanced post mix double bags are bigger. They are easier to transport, carry, mix and install.

They contain twice the amount of any B&Q or merchants bags.

 + VAT

Equivalent to: 2 x £4.97 B&Q size bags.


Is a FAST-SETTING concrete made with a blend of cements, additives and lightweight aggregates that sets in 5-10 minutes. The factory blended special formulation has been designed to deliver twice the amount of Post Fix in just one bag. Our lighter post fix concrete is a professional grade FAST-SETTING concrete for multiple applications. This post-fix concrete is 50% lighter than traditional post mix whilst retaining normal post retention strength and durability.


The main advantage with this lighter post mix is you can carry twice as much concrete in one 20kg bag, it’s the same 20L volume as two traditional (2x 10L/20kg) DIY store bags weighing 40kg.


This advanced post mix concrete makes you work faster it’s easier to transport, carry, mix and install due to its advanced formulation.


1 bag = 2 Standard Posts.


Hybrid plastic packaging weather & rip resistant packing. No more wasting dense plastics.

Pallets can be stored unopened outside for up to 100 days. Recommended in a sheltered low wind situation.

Bags can be stored unopened outside clear of the ground covered on smooth dry surface for up to 2 weeks.